Facial Feminization

Picture yourself going to a cocktail party. As you enter you scan the faces in the room. How long does it take for you to decide who looks attractive, interesting, or charismatic? It usually takes a fraction of a second. Facial recognition occurs in a fraction of a second.

Studies show we are able to identify gender identity, even gender preference, based on our facial shape. Feminizing faces requires reshaping so when you are at the cocktail party you will be instantly viewed as a woman. Improved appearance, femininity, and youthfulness are the goals of facial feminization

As in all plastic surgery, pre-operative analysis is key to developing a plan to achieve the desired result. Evaluation of the hairline, hair density, forehead height, frontal and orbital bones, cheek width, cheek projection, nose shape and size, lip shape and size, jaw shape and size, chin shape and size. Facial harmony and Adam’s apple need to be done, to develop a comprehensive plan.

Before and afters of facial feminization are compelling, but you will need to to have a consultation to see before and after pics. Dr. Sinclair has this policy remembering the words of Groucho Marx “I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception”. For many patients it is painful to be reminded of their pre-operative appearance, and “haters” have used pre-op pics to identify and humiliate patients. After seeing the pain of these patients Dr. Sinclair has decided that the internet is not the proper forum to show these personal changes. What you will see are post-operative, Facebook and family pics so you can judge the quality of his work and see how patients seamlessly fit in with family and friends.

Dr. Sinclair encourages you to send him frontal, right and left oblique and profile views, from the base of the neck to the crown of the head with the hairline visible, so that he can develop a plan for you. Of course those images are confidential.

Facial Feminization Surgery F.A.Q.

How does Dr.Sinclair determine how to feminize my face?
Dr. Sinciair will analyze your facial proportions and design a plan that fits your desires and expectations. Of all the surgeries facial feminization has the most options and choices. Complications occur before, during an after surgery, this is most true for FFS. If inadequate attention is paid to planning your surgery. you are not likely to be satisfied. The relationship of the facial components are as important if not more so than anyone particular part. The hair line, hair density, forehead, brow, eyelids, eye bones, cheeks, nose, lips, chin, jaw, adams apple, and facial skin must be analyzed to make a comprehensive plan.
Can all of the feminzation be done in one surgery?
Yes, but it does not have to be done in one surgery. At times budgetary and recovery constraints will favor a staged approach.
Can feminization be combined with other surgeries?
Yes it can be combined with breast augmentation and liposuction, sometimes with SRS depending upon humaow much FFS is done. It cannot be combined with buttock augmentation because of positioning issues.
What is done for the hairline?
The hairline is usually advanced. If micro and mini grafts are needed they will placed at a later date.
What technique is used for the frontal bone?
Preoperaitively a decision will be made whether contouring the bone by “shaving”, adding alloplastic material to reshape the foreheand or resetting the anterior wall of the front sinus needs to be done.
How long does recovery take?
Recovery depends upon which surgery is done. Nasal, cheek, chin, adams apple and lip techniques usually require a one week recovery. Forehead and jaw techniques require at least a two week recovery. The surgery is not particularly painful, swelling is usually the determing factor as to when there is a return to social function.
Which implant does Dr. Sinclair use?
Dr. Sinclair uses silicone and polyethylene (Medpor) implants. If you want implants you wil have a choice.
Are the alternatives to facial implants?
Your fat can be used to “volumize” your face as well as “off the shelf” fillers like hydroxuappatite (Radiesse) or hylauronic acid (Voluma).


We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to discuss how best to suit this procedure to your physique.